5P Ep: 019 – How To Emulate Greatness

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
5P Ep: 019 - How To Emulate Greatness

How To Emulate Greatness

Michael J. Penney hosts “5 Paragraph” Podcast


Many people wish to become great at something. In order to do so one must emulate other high achievers in their field of interest. How does one emulate greatness? What can you do to take action toward greatness? 

Mission:In this episode we are discussing what to do in your daily practices to achieve greatness. During the episode take notes and start forming positive habits today.


Intent: To provide methods for seeking out people of greatness in order to emulate their habits.

When you are working toward greatness in any field, you must first find others who you wish to be like. I offer the idea that if you wish to be a great boxer you may want to study Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali and many other greats. Their boxing styles are very different each one trained and worked with legendary trainers to become great. They also studied and mimicked what other boxers had done. Many modern day boxers will say they watched Jack Dempsey beat the heck outta Jess Willard and have been trying to land punches like him from the start of their boxing careers.

  • Who do you aspire to be like?
  • What habits do they have that you may easily copy?
  • How can you mimic their training to suit your needs?

Find legendary people you aspire to be like, copy their habits, and mimic their training to become great.

Lastly, remember you are YOU. Your style may appear to be similar to some of the greats, however you are YOU and you make your own style up as you build habits and train in the same way as you inspiration. 

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