How To Maintain Accountability In A Situationally Flexible Industry


There are a whole lot of businesses out there that don’t make widgets. They don’t sell products. They don’t have a “cookie cutter” mold for everything they do. So how does one manage in a situationally flexible industry?

Prime example; the General Electric Company (GE) owned the manufacturing plant in Pittsfield Massachusetts and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The management methods used in the GE plant were heavily reliant on producing a widget with predictable results. 

Manufacturing things means making exact duplicates of the same item, which I know seems obvious. The same management methods were being applied all throughout GE, including NBC. 

One may ask how the same management method for manufacturing a widget could be applied to creating and delivering content to millions of Americans? In short, it can’t.

The same method for cranking out widgets does not fare well in a situationally flexible industry. 


During this episode of the 5P Podcast we will discuss how the 5P Fragmentary order/Debrief,  worked together in order to maintain accountability of every aspect of your team and business in a situationally flexible industry. 


The intent of this 5P Podcast episode is for you the listener to gain a better understanding of a situationally flexible industry and how leaders may plan, using 5P, to overcome any challenge.

Speaking to the “Fragmentary Order” & “Debriefing” templates found inside the 5P Inner Circle.  

Listen and take notes, if possible. 

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Use the “Fragmentary Order” & “Debrief” templates to kick briefings/debriefings as you start and end your work day. 

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