NYAO, Ep: 069 – Identity – who are you, really?

NYAO, Ep: 069 - Identity - who are you, really?


How do you think of yourself? How do you introduce yourself? Who are you underneath it all? When elite professionals like military special forces, pilots, athletes move on in life, many face a crisis of identity. The same thing occurs to many retirees and empty nesting parents when their children move out.

If you have committed yourself fully to pursuing a dream or fulfilling a goal, there can be many challenges when that chapter in your life comes to an end.

Certainly, many military and first responders can face a future where they struggle for purpose while dealing with physical, mental and emotional scars from their service.

Your hosts are joined by an Aussie mate, Simon, who has a unique set of insights around the topic of identity and how to reforge it from a position of values and empathy. His insights come as the result of wide life experience and ongoing education. He has faced this question of identity himself and has come on to share what has worked for him.

When the excitement and competitive environment ends, how do you reset and find your datum points? How can finding self-awareness help complement the other skills that have been such a large part of your other successes in life?

How can we continue to grow so that we ensure we are equipped for the next challenge that life has in store for us?

Every step of life is a doorway.

Don’t be held back.

Identity is a construct, make sure you keep evolving to be the best version of yourself.



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