Ep: 004 – Intentional Relationships with Special Guest, Cal Walters

Broken & Blessed
Broken & Blessed
Ep: 004 - Intentional Relationships with Special Guest, Cal Walters

This show is titled Intentional relationships, what are your relationships like with your loved ones? What’s your relationship with God? We have a special guest for you in this episode a Mr. Cal Walters.  Cal is a fellow podcast host, his show is called Intentional Living & Leadership, he also has a blog, both can be found on his website (https://www.calwalters.me)   Take a listen as we dive in and discuss Intentional relationships and hear Cal’s incredible story in finding Jesus. 

(25:27) “But that night, I experienced Jesus in a way I’d never experienced before. I didn’t have committed my life to Christ that night. I had a girl who was in the youth group who I had a crush on. And she invited me after that to come over and read the Bible. And I was like, of course, like, had this crush on this girl. So I came over and I ended up, I thought, I was gonna be spending time with this girl and ended up falling in love with the scriptures. I ended up for the first time probably ever for my for my own self reading the Bible, reading about Jesus, reading about you know, the words of Paul.  So my whole high school experience was completely transformative of finishing up that first semester, my eighth grade year I ended up joining the football team early, getting on the varsity team early, and being the student body president doing all these things ended up obviously going to college. But I mean, this, this experience completely transformed me and my life from that moment, or at least my mission completely changed. Now. It’s all about spreading the gospel. It’s all about sharing with others, the good news of Jesus loving people, of course, I have been far from perfect, but my mission has completely changed ever since that, that moment where I came to know Jesus in eighth grade.

“it’s a story that obviously God gave to me. And I think a lot of people think they have to be perfect before they come to Jesus, you know, and I think that’s the lesson that I learned is in my moment where I felt the least perfect in my moment where I was at my lowest of lows, and it doesn’t have to be your lowest of lows. I mean, Jesus takes us as we are. And I think that’s the beauty of it. And I think as the church we don’t always do the best job of inviting people in, you know, just as they are. I think sometimes we, we start, we start with behavior change. We’re like, Hey, you need to change your life, and then come to Jesus. But I think that’s that’s the opposite Jesus’s relationship with you will inevitably start to change your life, and it’s not going to get easier. I mean, I think there’s also that problem too. It doesn’t necessarily mean It’s gonna get easier, but it will be more purpose filled. And I think what gives me courage is, I guess the simplicity of the the mission that Jesus gave us just to go and love him love others make disciples, you know, share, bring other people to him. You know, so if anyone’s out there listening, you know, I would just encourage you don’t worry about being perfect. Jesus is the one who’s perfect and he allows us through His grace, to be made new to truly be made new to be transformed, because of what he did this day, you know, in the resurrection. So it’s not about us, but it’s certainly all about him.”

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