Ep: 002 – Jeff Barillaro a.k.a. Soldier Hard

Ep: 002 – Jeff Barillaro a.k.a. Soldier Hard
Veterans Unite

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In this episode we talk with Jeff Barillaro a.k.a. Soldier Hard.

We talked about his new double album (that will make 27 albums!!!) that is coming out soon including…the LIMITED EDITION Mystery Box. Want to know more about it…go to www.redcon1musicgroup.com and click on the store tab. We also discuss family, why he joined the Army, what it took for him to get in and why he got out. Jeff also talks about his music and how it helped with his PTSD and other treatments that he has tried. We also talk about how I found out about Soldier Hard, the shock and awe factor of some of his music, the song he had the most fun with and the song that means the most to him.

Don’t forget to stick around till the end to hear his song SMH (Shaking My Head) and why he wrote it!!! Then follow Soldier Hard at:


Facebook – soldierhard


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