My Unapologetic Truth: I Use Disruption As A Superpower

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
My Unapologetic Truth: I Use Disruption As A Superpower

Pam speaks about her 11 years of military service as an Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force, her work now as a Foreign Policy Strategist, and the “superpower” she uses as a Community Organizer. Pam tells the story of how her mom, a patriotic immigrant, encouraged and inspired her to enlist in the military right out of High School; find out about her interesting trip to the recruiting office. Pam shares how she nurtured and continues to develop her desire to serve and contribute to the community through her time in the military, afterwards during her time as a female student veteran, and now as a civilian who promotes transformation as a Foreign Policy Strategist and community activist.

Listen in as Pam speaks about creating change and making a difference even if you have to get political. Her confidence shines through and inspires others to find their superpower and create the change they wish to see in their communities. Come find out about one of her latest project, Vets For The People, an organization that provides opportunities to those wanting to get involved with politics and to “uplift and own” the legacy of black, brown, women, queer and transgender veterans in social justice movements.

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