Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 006 – Benefit of Travel

Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 006 - Benefit of Travel

Travel can be a gift and a teacher. The experiences you garner will broaden, and never narrow your knowledge. It can embolden your gratitude towards your own origins, and the roots of your ancestors. Helps shift and elevate some of your own troubles categorically and shows you that maybe your problems are not as bad. What you take for granted at home, could be tenuous across the world. Travel also has the ability to redefine your definition of luxury. More importantly, travel will always make memories, change perspective, and highlight humanity’s achievements. So, travel often, and travel as soon as possible. All three hosts share what they’ve gained in their personal life from traveling across all four corners of the world. From the sand of Africa, to the archipelagos of the pacific, these are some of those life lessons:

-Travel can be your best teacher

-Helps mitigate unwarranted fear of the unknown

 -Increases appreciation and changes perceptions

-Create everlasting memories

-Elevates even the most mundane activities

-Only broadens knowledge, never narrows

-The more different the culture you explore, the greater your personal growth

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