NOT YOUR AVERAGE OPERATOR, Ep: 011 – Effective Leadership

NOT YOUR AVERAGE OPERATOR, Ep: 011 - Effective Leadership

Leadership. We have all experienced it- military, civilian, sporting or family. We have all seen it work well, and we have seen less than stellar examples. Join us as we extract out some key elements of leadership that have worked in routine undertakings and have also been tested in combat operations on the ground, at sea and in the airborne environments. For this episode Mike and Melon are once again joined by US Army Captain Pauline Johnson as Raf is in transit.

Topics covered include:

  • Integrity- model the behaviour you expect
  • Communication- making sure the commander’s intent is received and understood
  • Mission briefs/ orders- use of standard structures and flow to briefings
  • KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Team decision making- use subordinate subject matter experts to develop elements of the plan prior to the mission
  • Regrouping and adapting in the middle of the mission
  • Learn from mistakes- establish a culture of owning errors and then learning; from the top down
  • Allow for failure in order to improve
  • The importance of informal and social time together to build connections and morale
  • Servant leadership- removal of road blocks and the provision of resources to the team achieving the mission


Let us know what aspects of leadership you have seen implemented well. If you get some value from this episode, please leave a review and share it.

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