NOT YOUR AVERAGE OPERATOR, Ep: 005 – Healthy Masculinity

NOT YOUR AVERAGE OPERATOR, Ep: 005 - Healthy Masculinity

Masculinity seems to be poorly understood in our modern western world. It appears to only be defined up as an unhealthy, aggressive or misogynistic trait. Masculinity is not manliness- it is a group of traits available to all people, not just men, and we all need to develop some of them to live an effective life. All of us will also have certain feminine traits that are needed to maintain balance and not veer too far off the path. In this episode, all three of our hosts share insights they have gleaned into what healthy masculinity looks like. You will hear clear examples of traits being used either in combat, or during later reflection upon the impact of combat. You will hear examples of how these traits can be applied in work, relationship and family situations. Traits identified in this episode include:

  • Stay the course to achieve goals at work and in relationships
  • Enhanced emotional IQ and the ability to remain calm
  • Empathy- the ability to understand another’s point of view
  • Staying power
  • Maintaining your humanity
  • The ability to reflect and integrate experiences
  • Self-discipline
  • Decisiveness

Please share with us what your views on healthy masculinity are. Reach out to your network and make a positive impact on those around you.

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