Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 017 – Managing Separation and Reunion

Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 017 - Managing Separation and Reunion

We heard you! Every week, we seek to hear from our listeners and what you would like to hear from us. This week’s topic is a direct response to your feedback! Managing Separation and Reunion.

Work trips, COVID-19, long distance relationships, and deployments. How do we prepare ourselves for these sometimes arduous periods away from those we care for and love? How do we adjust while away? Ultimately, how do we resort back to our normal lives when we return home?

Join us this week as the team shares some individual experiences that have tested their staying power, faith, love, and at times, their humanity.

Mike reaches back in time to 2012 and shares his emotions, excitement, and struggles from his first combat deployment. What he felt prior to deploying, during operations, and how he felt after returning home stateside, adjusting to normal society.

Melon is joined by his wife Cheri as they discuss some of their own expectations and emotions during their recent 5.5-month separation from COVID and a past Iraq deployment.

Raf talks through his current state of being overseas for his new job and how he is managing his relationship with his wife and son. He also joins in with Mike on how their same combat deployment together affected them differently.

Have you had to deal with a long separation? Did you have a rough time reintegrating when you returned? Please share your story in the comments and share your story!


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