Not Your Average Operator Ep: 028 – Q&A #2

Not Your Average Operator Ep: 028 - Q&A #2

You’ve got questions? We have answers!


This week, the team is back at answering some insightful questions from our listeners out there in podcast land. No filter, no sugar coating, and all genuine responses.


Some of those questions you’ll hear are:


-Have you found it difficult to communicate to family friends spouse etc. about certain experiences you’ve had while training or deployed? And why?


-What were your perceptions of being in the military before enlisting VS how things really are?


-How do you prepare yourself for retirement or exiting the military altogether? How do you maintain the camaraderie,  brotherhood, the sense of purpose?….And more!


We love hearing your feedback, questions, and most of all, your stories! Please send us yours by email, in the comment section, or via private message. As Raf proudly states, we all stand in ranks. Nobody gets a pass in life. The team accepts this and wants to help lead by example and open up about some of the harder topics that all veterans and civilians can relate to.


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