Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 030- The REAL Kenny G!

Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 030- The REAL Kenny G!

This week, the team welcomes our honored guest and friend, United States Army combat veteran, “Kenny G”

Kenny is from the great state of Texas and currently resides there with his beautiful fiancé’ and his kiss stealing handsome son. He served in the United States Army as an 11- Charlie, which is a Mortarman in the infantry from 2004-2013. He deployed 3 times to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. On his 3rddeployment, he was wounded 3 times due to enemy fire and received the purple heart for his actions.

In this episode, you will hear his story of selfless service, physical and mental hardship, amazing examples of his humility and determination, and ultimately his love for life, and how he has not just overcome DISABILITIES, but how he has used his ABILITIES to continue to succeed as man, a father, a fiancé, and as a teammate.

Please let us know how this episode has inspired you, gave some perspective, or just want to leave a message for Kenny. Being there for one another in both good and bad times is what the brotherhood and sisterhood of the military is all about, and this man is the living example of exactly that!

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