Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 008 – What have you changed your mind on?

Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 008 - What have you changed your mind on?

Expectations, beliefs and a world view. We all have them. We all have lenses that we view the world through. We have all had moments where our beliefs crashed into reality and we had to make a major change to the way we live our lives. Change can be hard, but being static in a changing world or in the face of new information is a guaranteed road to long term failure.

Join in and listen to the conversation as our regular veterans, Melon, Mike and Raf, are joined a special guest: Canadian Forces Veteran Gordo- as we go over some of the biggest viewpoints we have changed our minds on. Gordo brings a world of experience- a veteran of Gulf War 1, who started as an enlisted aircraft mechanic and became one of the most experienced instructor pilots flying in Canada, South Africa and the Middle East.

You will hear hard stories from Raf about the importance of family compared to a career- being married to a job but dating a family, and the realization that time is finite. Our Special Forces Operator, Mike, talks about changes around expectation management and a profound shift in understanding his inability to ultimately control outcomes. Gordo follows up with a more experienced man’s view on the impact of trying to professionally “be the best” and how that impacted his marriage, and the realization that past goals were set by a less experienced younger self. Melon covers the shift that came from always rigidly sticking to a viewpoint, to the ability to have a well-researched but loosely held system of beliefs that can always adapt to more accurate or truthful information.

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Please share with us the major things you have changed your mind on and how the change has impacted your life.


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