NYAO, 059 – Honoring Living History

NYAO, 059 - Honoring Living History

“For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know”

Theodore Roosevelt ~

History. We all know the saying that if we forget it, we are doomed to repeat it.

This episode has a large piece on finding and cherishing amazing, living history. This is an uplifting conversation, full of laughter.

Mike was privileged to participate in a charity event. Operation Once in a Lifetime hosted their annual major trip to Washington DC. As a volunteer supporting the event, Mike was lucky enough to meet some of the heroes who have gone before us. He paid his respects to fallen comrades at Arlington, and heard stories about- and directly from- some of the “Greatest Generation”.

You’ll hear about a Korean War veteran who only told his family that he “played a lot of baseball” while he was deployed to the peninsula during the war. At his funeral they heard a citation that shocked them- heroism that they had never heard of was attributed to their quiet family man.

What is it that we most admire about these people? The quiet professionalism? The focus on resilience and the character ethic?

Let us know what it is that touches you most, what it is that draws your admiration when you think of the people you most respect.



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