NYAO Ep:044 – Broken & Blessed

NYAO Ep:044 - Broken & Blessed

Take a minute and think about this…Who do you talk to when you are hurting? If you hurt your arm, you go see a doctor. If your emotions are out of sync, you go see a counselor or psychologist. Pretty simple right? Where do you go when your spiritual side is hurting?

This week, the team welcomes their teammates and fellow veterans, Mr Adam Bird and Jimmy “Papa Bear” Boggs, from the “Broken & Blessed” podcast. They join us to have an in depth, honest, and passionate conversation about our relationships with God, Jesus, and our purpose in life. Now reading the notes above may have just persuaded you to look the other way. We understand. We get it. That is why we encourage you to take a listen. This is not your average Podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear about how active duty and veterans have been brought together by God during war, how flirting with death has opened doors due to a higher calling, and how great relationships have been molded for a purpose by design, not by chance.

Do you think your spiritual side is hurting? Do you think the relationships You currently have effect your overall happiness? Do you struggle with identifying your purpose in this life? We would love to hear from you and invite you to this conversation.


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