NYAO, Ep: 054 – Critical Incident Learning

NYAO, Ep: 054 - Critical Incident Learning

In part 3 of 3 of this series, the team welcomes back senior trauma nurse instructor Mark McCarthy to cover the crucial points of critical incident learning.

After taking the time to review and dissect critical points in incident debriefing (1/3) while identifying crucial decision points (2/3), it is imperative that we then figure out how to implement what we have learned into our daily processes to minimize failures and maximize fluidity and confidences.

Listen in as the team covers multiple processes and approaches to how you can apply such as:

  • How to assess a breakdown given people don’t aim to make mistakes
  • Active and Latent failures- look beyond the immediate situation, in both time and location, to find the underlying causes
  • High reliability organisations
  • Focusing also on what was done correctly
  • Reluctance to simplify- complex problems often need complex solutions
  • Train and communicate from the top down, but allow autonomy in execution at the coal face
  • Commitment to resilience- recover from the emergency but then focus on permanent solutions
  • Refer to expertise- use subject matter experts to support executive decision making


The team are very grateful to Mark for bringing this area into focus. His experience and mastery of these topics have already made a difference to the team and our audience. Please share it widely and let us know how you approach this area. Your insights could help others in our community deal with a breakdown safely.


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