NYAO, Ep: 080 – Q&A #6

NYAO, Ep: 080 - Q&A #6

This week, the boys are doing some Q&A for the listeners. What do you want your legacy to be? More pointedly, what impact do you think your existence will have after you’ve physically passed on. All three responses were unique in their emergence, yet they shared fundamental threads in their finale. Melon gave a philosophical response that centered on the current and future wellbeing of his family. Every day, the actions he takes are to some degree, mirrored off the health of his family, and the current state they’re in, both collectively and individually. Mike idiosyncratically focuses his attributes to build a legacy that he has refined down to 4 pillars he wants to be moored to. That is, he wants to be remembered as Authentic, a Warrior, Humble, and a Beacon of Resiliency. Finally, Raf hopes that his legacy will be his ability to validate  that unique drive of the human spirit to achieve what you dream, regardless of where you are in life and its infinite number of obstacles that will stand in your way. He hopes his story will inspire others with similar crossroads to exhaust every effort to reach their dreams, as well as, help those around you reach theirs.


Please share your thoughts about this episode and more importantly, we hope this encourages our listeners to spend some time thinking about what works best for them when they have to reignite their passion. We encourage all of our listeners to reach out to us with your own stories. We love reading your insights, feedback, and how we can add more value to your day.

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