NYAO, Ep: 085 – Unindoctrination

NYAO, Ep: 085 - Unindoctrination

This week, the boys were inspired to talk about the many layered approaches that have historically proved fruitful for transitioning veterans, as well as themselves in establishing bonds similar to their time in service. More pointedly, they discussed  how to shift your mind and processes to ensure a positively gained experience as you leave your old (military) tribe, and venture out to find your new (civilian) tribe.

They had a deep discussion on some of the catastrophic results that can come from dissociating from our evolutionary deep rooted inclination to be an intrinsic member in communal life. Largely, having others depend on you, as much as you depend on them, as is commonly experienced in high stressed, high risk tight knit organizations like the military, law enforcement, and alike.

Mike spends some time warning that a significant number of veterans are unfortunately setting themselves up for downfalls by having an expectation of entitlement that more often diminishes the core life skills developed through unique hardships and challenges experienced in a combat environment.

Melon highlights that injecting yourself into a sport you love is a great opportunity to cultivate those bonds we’re seeking, but also play a massive role in mental health rehabilitation.

Raf shares anecdotal stories he heard on a recent podcast and how humanity’s mental health,  and its ability to deal with trauma reaches the apex when the individual is surrounded by a close knit tribe, are not just coincidentally related, but necessary and backed by countless studies.

Please share your thoughts about this episode and more importantly, we hope this encourages our listeners to spend some time thinking about what works best for them to unindoctrinate from an old organization while successfully cultivating strong ties with a new one whose’ contrasts are stark. We encourage all of our listeners to reach out to us with your own stories. We love reading your insights, feedback, and how we can add more value to your day.

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