NYAO, Ep: 086 – The Invasion of Ukraine

NYAO, Ep: 086 - The Invasion of Ukraine

This week, the boys felt compelled to talk about a somber topic; the invasion of Ukraine. On the eve of the 5th day of the Russian invasion, the guys felt it was important to try and focus on many of the inspiring and positive stories that have been propagating the news from the front lines. Stories of leadership and sacrifice. Strong men and women making difficult decisions to save their country and families, while forging ahead to hold off invading forces. They share their thoughts on the inspiring true tales of the famous Ukrainian boxing champions, the Klitschko Brothers, who have left their life of luxury to defend their native lands. Similarly, President Zelensky is celebrated for his ability to rise to the occasion as a war time leader. They run some parallels from their former experiences while serving in various combat theaters overseas. All three make an effort to funnel their current frustration with anecdotal talking points on how we can all glean fundamental importances that would massively benefit our society here in the Western First World to avoid the destruction of peace as we’re witnessing in Ukraine.. Clear cut examples by the individuals in Ukraine fighting for their lives. Fundamental importances such as, making every effort to never dehumanize any opponent. Striving to be an absolute dangerous monster, but controlled and harnessed as a sheepdog, rather than a tyrant. Finally, they want to remind everyone that no one ever wins in a war, not even the victors.

Please share your thoughts about this episode and more importantly, we hope this encourages our listeners to spend some time thinking about what you can do to support Ukraine in their fight for survival as a sovereign nation.  We encourage all of our listeners to reach out to us with your own stories. We love reading your insights, feedback, and how we can add more value to your day

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