NYAO, Ep: 089 – Our journey in review

NYAO, Ep: 089 - Our journey in review

It’s always great to take stock of where you have been- this is one of the most important parts of determining where you are now, and helps refocus on the journey ahead.

Raf opens this episode revealing where he is now in life. Sharing the house he dreamed of with his extended family, and about to embark on a 10 day trip that will culminate with him completing his type rating and certification in his airline job. These initially only existed in his mind, but over the course of our series, our audience has witnessed his journey, as he went about creating the life of his dreams from possibility to actuality.

Your team then take the time to go over some of their standout episodes- a difficult task after nearly 90 episodes over 20 months. We only release conversations that we feel reflect who we are and support our aim of attempting to push back the chaos, along side you, our audience.

It can be rare sometimes to find a space or a group where men share honestly and deeply. We opened our podcast series with a conversation right from the heart- about our biggest setbacks. This set the stage for how our subsequent episodes flowed and the show unfolded. Big topics, attempting to remain authentic and to normalize men discussing life while having a few laughs.

We have been blessed with amazing guests- too many to mention in this short summary, but together we remember a few that left lasting impressions on us, and about whom we received a lot of feedback.

Your team finish with a major reveal about an opportunity they see ahead of them.


Let us know about some of your favorite episodes, topics and guests. Maybe a story touched you, or you were motivated by a guest. Maybe there was a favorite story that still makes you laugh.


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