NYAO, Ep: 090 – The Final Episode – Pushing Back Chaos

NYAO, Ep: 090 - The Final Episode - Pushing Back Chaos

As for all things that have a beginning, they must also have an end. This week, we are proud to put the “final” stamp on our NYAO podcast journey after 90 straight weeks. 90 straight weeks of our core pillars of humility, honesty, and action. Sharing stories and lessons of failure, victory, and everything in between.

Throughout our time, Mike, Melon, and Raf have gone through a substantial amount of growth. Learning to speak to one another and access new levels of emotional intelligence, communication, and significance. You, our listeners, have only added to that vine with your shared stories and experiences. We have been happy and honored to have you along the trail with us.

In this episode you will hear the teams final thoughts on the 90 week journey, what it means to them, and what is ahead.    There will also be new details on the future as the trio will evolve and relaunch 01 June 2022 with their new brand and title:

“Pushing Back Chaos”

W/ Melon, Mike, and Raf

Watch out for advertisements on FB, IG, Twitter, Linked In, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Heroes Media Group in the coming weeks!

Cheers and thank you from the NYAO Podcast team! We’ll see you soon!


Very Respectfully,


Paul “Melon” McFAdden

Raf “Tio” Espinosa

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