NYAO, Ep: 47 – Brothers in War Part 1

Heroes Media Group
Heroes Media Group
NYAO, Ep: 47 - Brothers in War Part 1

After a very emotional week leading up to Memorial day, what better way to follow it than to have some of your own family who’ve served in war join the show?

In this week’s episode, Melon and Raf  are off taking care of family and priorities abroad, so Mike takes the mic and welcomes his older brother Jeremy to the show. Two brothers who have both served in combat during the global war on terror, discuss what it was like growing up together entangled with military service and some of the hardships that it ultimately presents.

In part 1 of this 2 part series, Mike interviews Jeremy and asks some of the tough questions that most brothers could not or would not talk about.

From troubled and confusing childhoods, to the disciplined and positive guidance from the uniform, and to the struggles and success that followed, you are about to listen to two men, brothers and veterans, have some real talk about life and what it means to them.

Have you served with your brother, sister, or other family members in the military as well? We’d love to hear your family story of service!

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