NYAO, Ep: 045 – How do you access your most productive state?

NYAO, Ep: 045 - How do you access your most productive state?

Productivity. Advancing towards a goal. Achieving an outcome.

We all need to create desired effects in the world. All of us have areas where we are naturally strong- where our strengths come to the fore and our output is excellent.

This episode is not about these areas.

How do you achieve your best in the other areas? The areas where you have to grind away and the success is anything but effortless?

Join your hosts as they go over tips and processes that they have used to create “flow” states that have resulted in them accomplishing results in areas outside of their natural strong suits.

Mike talks about generating a team environment, where the focus is off himself, and the importance of holding real world combat equivalents in mind to push himself in “routine” training.
Raf goes over the importance of exercising his will power daily- forcing himself to complete a challenging small task every day as a way to maintain his mental strength.

Melon covers the importance of resolving outstanding issues in his personal life as a necessary precursor to finding his focus, the need to hold to big picture goal in mind while contemplating the next tough task and the need to tie small rewards to the completion of tasks.

All of us have to work outside our favourite areas and still complete tough tasks.

Let us know how you access your most productive state, and send in any questions for your hosts to answer. They might just become an upcoming episode.


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