NYAO, Ep: 057 – Resiliency

NYAO, Ep: 057 - Resiliency

Resiliency is like a muscle, and it needs to be exercised constantly and diligently. Similarly, resilience is composed of two elements. That is, to be resilient is to develop the skill to withstand discomfort. And the second element is an organism’s ability to spring back into its previous shape.  The boys felt compelled to circle back and have an open discussion about why resilience is something they practice as often, and as consistently as possible.

The people of the world at large, are in varying degrees of pain and strife. More importantly, the skill of resiliency is one of our most effective tools in withstanding those challenges and bound forward in our personal journey. Exercising resilience is unique in the method that it’s approached by every individual. What may work for you, might not work for someone else.

Raf attested to a multiple day fast to help his mind focus on a laundry list of tasks he needed to complete to put out his best resume and applications for highly coveted aviation careers. Melon is continually observing his surroundings and forcing gratitude for the things he cherishes the most; which is a constant reminder that even in his worst days, there are others who would wish they were in his shoes. Mike continually falls back to some of his darkest and toughest moments in the early stages of his career. Long exhausting and psychologically uncomfortable days that stretched into weeks that taunted him with the option to quit. Yet, he dug in, hunkered down and kept moving forward. Now, looking back, those moments have been a constant source of inspiration when tackling current and new struggles.

Please share your thoughts about this episode and let us know what tools you use to exercise resilience. We encourage all of our listeners to reach out to us with your own stories. We love reading your insights, feedback, and how we can add more value to your day.

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