NYAO, Ep: 65 – Tender Warrior Series Part III

NYAO, Ep: 65 - Tender Warrior Series Part III

Melon, Tony Sr., and Raf come together in the absence of Mike to talk about the third chapter in the Tender Warrior series. Chapter Three covers what Stu Weber labels the Four Pillars of Manhood. The four roles that every man is conscripted to play in his circles of influence. He defines the four pillars as the King, Warrior, Mentor, and Friend. It’s a critical chapter that looks at the roles played out by men in society and have helped shape this world. More importantly, this chapter paints, with zero ambiguity, the destruction that falls on the earth when men don’t step up to the roles we’ve been assigned, or as Melon put it, “you allow either of those roles to go unbalanced, like a King without humility”.  All agreed that this chapter has been one of the most challenging for several reasons. Mostly in the application and looking at them through an honest introspective lense. It’s not for the faint of heart. The Four Pillars are the fundamental roles that every man plays in his life, whether he acknowledges them or not.

The boys talk about the importance of making an effort regardless of the probability to meet the goals, because they’re that important. Naturally, everyone has a role they play well intrinsically, and there are those that we struggle with, but the common understanding of these four pillars, is that when they’re sought after correctly with a purpose filled life, the world, as we know it, is a better place. More to the point, “We were all born originals, don’t die a copy”. -Tony Sr.


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