NYAO, Ep: 041 – The MacDaddy

NYAO, Ep: 041 - The MacDaddy

This episode, your hosts are joined by a special guest- the multitalented Dave “MacDaddy” McGregor. The MacDaddy has what might be a unique combination of skills- a professional jazz trumpet player, F/A-18 Hornet pilot, flying instructor and Joint Tactical Air Controller (JTAC). His story highlights that none of us really know what our capabilities are, or how our story will unfold until we apply ourselves fully.

You will hear a story about a boy in Perth, Western Australia getting a trumpet in grade 5, which launched a lifelong love of music, including scholarships through high school and university. This musical passion led to a professional career of ten years, performing in Australia and the US. In the background, MacDaddy had never forgotten a childhood desire to fly fast jets for the Australian Air Force, and a setback in his 20s lit the fire to follow his second dream.

Of course, nothing worth achieving comes easily, and Dave describes some of what he had to do to overcome challenges and then be accepted into the pilot training program at the age of 27 ½.

During the episode, you will also hear stories from combat operations in Afghanistan, where Mac served as the fighter pilot specialist JTAC with the Australian Special Forces.

The main thread of Mac’s story is that adaptation and work is needed for all of us in life, and that no pathway is ever laid out for anyone. With a clear goal and the right attitude, we can all carve our own way.


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