NYAO, Ep: 049 – Who are you doing it for?

NYAO, Ep: 049 - Who are you doing it for?

Melon has landed back in Saudi after his trip to Melbourne, and he and Mike catch up. Raf is still deployed and is very busy with his workload, so Mike and Melon carry this episode as a pair.

After catching up, Melon shares his insights after having the privilege of being an audience member for the past two episodes. Listening to those two episodes, Brothers in War, had a major impact on him, and he shares what he got out of listening to Mike and Jeremy discuss their life and shared combat experiences.

The quote that Jeremy shared “It’s not what I did. It’s who did I do this for?”, during that episode then kicks off a deep discussion between Melon and Mike about life and meaning.

All of us have a mission in life, but it can easily be lost in the day to day. We are all contributing to something bigger. It could be we are working to improve ourselves, or working to help family or loved ones, or it could be that we are working for the overall benefit of our community- or even society itself at the highest level.

This episode is a challenge to consider both why you are doing what you do, and who you are doing it for.


Let us know via email or in a review what your answers are to that question.

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