011 – Plan for Action

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
011 - Plan for Action

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Traditional business plans are written then put on the shelf.


Teachers, mentors, colleagues can help you write a business plan, but who’s going to read it?


Mission:Write a business plan that outlines your executive vision.


5 Paragraph is simple and quick. It’s intended to be briefed to a team of people in order to cause action.



It’s 5P’s intent to get you writing with a bias for action, not to simply to pitch.


Who reads business plans? How do they read them? Why do they read them?


Investors will tell you how they typically read a plan. They look at the executive summary to see if it intrigues them. They flip to the financials to see if the projected numbers are big. They scan through the plan to make sure it has all the components. Then they flip to the management team credentials to see who’s leading the team; and that’s if they are really interested.


Can 5P be used to pitch? Yes, it is a briefing for how things will be done.


Our goal is to help you succeed in writing your first 5 Paragraph Business Plan.


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