Ep: 257 – Protecting Freedoms with First Amendment Praetorian

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 257 - Protecting Freedoms with First Amendment Praetorian

Take a listen as we sit down with Special Forces Veteran and the Founder of First Amendment Praetorian, Mr. Robert Patrick Lewis.

First Amendment Praetorian (https://www.1apraetorian.com) is a nonprofit made up of military, law enforcement and intelligence community veterans both male and is dedicated to providing intelligence and security services to grassroots events in order to ensure Americans may express their 1st Amendment-protected rights to freedom of speech, religion, assembly and political affiliation.

Where does the name First Amendment Praetorian name come from?

the praetorian comes from the old praetorian guard that protected the Caesar, they were the last line of defense they were the secret service and we feel the first amendment right there like that again is that quintessential American value the right to say whatever you want even if it even if it makes people mad even if some people don’t agree with it. If speech isn’t free for all of us it’s not free for any of us, so we feel that right there is the it’s what our praetorian guard is protecting.” ~Robert Patrick Lewis~

We discuss a lot of things that have been going on in our country and how things are supposed to be done in accordance to our nations constitution. How much do you know about the constitution? “Our system is supposed to be a Federalist Society, states’ rights overpower the federal government, federal government has a very small number of things they’re supposed to do.”

Ask yourself as you listen to this podcast… Do you really believe what mainstream media is telling you?  Do you trust the politicians that are in office? Are you willing to give up the freedoms you have?

Take a listen and find out the actual FACTS of what’s really going on in this country and what the “ideas” of some are really doing to this country. More importantly find out who’s funding these “ideas”.

It’s time to take a stand and get involved, it’s time to protect our freedoms!

Get involved today: https://www.1apraetorian.com

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