010 – Join the conversation on social media

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
010 - Join the conversation on social media

Team: 5 Paragraph Users                                                    Event type: Briefing


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                             Task organization: 5P Facebook Group



We are growing our community and we need your help. Join our closed Facebook group.We welcome you to join us for a discussion between business leaders.


Business leaders of all varieties are welcome. We are focused on finding patriotic business leaders who understand the need for hard working Americans to come together in order to achieve a common mission.


Mission:Join the conversation on social media. We post to Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. We have a Facebook group “5 Paragraph – Community”, where we share recent events and behind the scenes material.



5 Paragraph’s intention is to have a group where business leaders can come with their problems and needs. We’ll work as a group to help solve them.


Established 5 Paragraph social media network

  • Pages: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
  • Facebook Group: “5 Paragraph Community”


5 Paragraph Business Plan users, like and share 5 Paragraph social media content

Join our Facebook group and reach out to us. We enjoy having conversations with you. Be a part of the 5 Paragraph Community and enjoy working with close hearted professionals.


As leaders, we are all on our own mission. We each have our own path. 5 Paragraph allows us to quickly communicate with one another in order to achieve success in our own missions. The same should be happening inside each of our organizations.


Our goal is to grow the 5 Paragraph Community of business leaders, capable of supporting one another’s efforts.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

“5 Paragraph Business Plan – The Action Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders”


5 Paragraph Advisors are standing by to assess, train, advise, and assist you and your organization.


Command / Signal: 5Paragraph.com 919-827-0898

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