005 – Socialism

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
005 - Socialism

Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: PODCAST EP


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                                                    Task organization: SOLO TALK



Problem: Socialism; People who believe everyone should work for the common good. Unfortunately it always leads to terrible people ruling from a small minority.


Friendlys: The U.S. Constitution and our founding documents work to prevent overlordship of a ruling class. Unfortunately, through corruption of power, we’ve seen American rights start to dwindle.



Mission:Work with fellow business leaders to mastermind, plan, and grow in your unique strengths.


Commander’s Intent: Teams working together to secure their own independence.


Scheme of Maneuver: Work with small to medium sized businesses ran at the local level. Focus on cultivating sustainable economic conditions through governance. Economic development from within.


Coordinating instructions:

  • Communist manifesto; Marxism; Looks good on paper, doesn’t work when you include people.
  • The broadening of socialism to a ruling class.
  • The environment’s role; terrain and weather
  • Simulated growth of plants; environmental randomness must be programmed into computer language in order to product realistic looking trees.


Desired endstate:Understand that capitalism, at it’s core, requires a group of people working together in order to create something of value, and being rewarded for the value they’ve created. This is most obvious in small to medium sized businesses experiencing second stage growth.


Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

special equipt: Call us for an assessment. Schedule a call with an advisor. The point is, contact us. We are your business quick reaction force. Our goal is to help you make sense of the chaos.

Additional personnel:


Command / Signal

Michael J. Penney  @ 5Paragraph.com


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