Ep: 209 – Special Guest, Lindsey Germono

Ep: 209 – Special Guest, Lindsey Germono
The Decision Hour

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This is an uncut episode with our good friend Lindsey Germono.  We just hit record and whatever happens, happens… And WOW, it was a lot of fun, filled with a ton of laughs!

Once we settled down a bit, we got to Lindsey’s background a bit better, how she started Germono Advertising Company (www.germono.com) and then discuss the importance of social media, and networking in today’s business world.  Why as a business owner should you be doing both? Listen in to find out.   Lindsey is someone who is great at what she does, we trust her and this episode she gives you, the listener, some valuable information.  Get ready to laugh, have fun and take notes!

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