Ep: 024 – Stop Brain Drain

Ep: 024 – Stop Brain Drain
Health Beat

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What are some bad habits that Drain the Brain? In this episode, Host Brian Hazelgren helps you better understand how YOU can stop dinging your brain. We live in a world of Hyper-connectivity and it is taking its toll on our brains, feels like we are getting rewired and life as we know it (At least our Nero pathways) are being chipped away because of the things we experience day in and day out…It’s making us slower.

What drains the brain? Brian talks about several things that are draining starting with Inactivity, which cause mental decline. Another is multitasking… YES, multitask.  Most people think that is they multitask they are getting more done, take a listen to hear what he has to ay about it.

STOP BRAIN DRAIN! If you want a healthy brain, you need to be active!  

Listen to this important episode about YOUR Brain!  

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