Succession Planning with 5P

5 Paragraph Business Plan
5 Paragraph Business Plan
Succession Planning with 5P
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Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                              Task organization: Solo Talk



Baby boomers have to pull out their IRA or 401K at age 70.5.


Presidential executive order could push that back to 72,75, or later.


Mission: Think about your succession plan. How do you want to setup your future so that you can retire and ensure your heirs receive their inheritance?



Commander’s Intent:  Choose 5 Paragraph to organize your succession plan. For individuals seeking an outside perspective.


Scheme of Maneuver:  5 Paragraph will help you organize your plan for moving forward through retirement and beyond.


Coordinating instructions: Call for an assessment. It’s free to get started.

We are your succession organizer.


  • We provide succession planning for clientele with multiple entities and investments.


Desired endstate: Our goal is that you are confident and comfortable with your plan for what happens when you’re no longer at the helm of your operations.


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Contact your financial advisors, financial managers to discuss an action plan for moving forward.


  • We work with your advisor’s intelligence to construct a vision for success.






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