Ep: 013 – Sustainable living How to grow your own garden

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Ep: 013 - Sustainable living How to grow your own garden

For all those who are interested in starting or maintaining your own garden, this interview with Jazmin was awesome. 
Jazmin Lister, Owner of JB Legacy Nursery, also known on as Something More Than Mudpies. Jazmin is going on her second year as a Master Gardener but has been gardening for nearly 20 years developing specialties in edible and pollinator gardening.
We covered as many topic as possible in an hour and I personally took away some valuable information. 
For example, I never heard of a trap crop. A trap crop is just like it sounds, you set a trap for pests by having couple plants that attract bugs with pesticides on them so when the fall into the trap and eat the leaves of your trap crop they die!

  1. We also talked about harvesting your own Open pollenated or heirloom seeds
  2. Growing zones
  3. pest managment 
  4. How many plants you need to feed your family 
  5. Vegetable storage and longevity 
  6. Soil prep

Like I said we covered a lot from a 30,000 foot level to get your garden started. 
You can find more info by following Jazmins FB group More Than Mudpies or WashCoUT Gardeners

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