Ep: 013 – Technology won’t solve all of your problems

5 Paragraph Business Plan
Ep: 013 - Technology won't solve all of your problems

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Many people look to technology to solve their toughest problems. This includes organizing their vision and maintaining transparency. 

Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to organize problems and crush them.

Mission:  Work in hard copy for one day. Focus your planning and organization efforts toward hard copy planning. Write out your plan with pen and paper. Illustrate it on the dry-erase board. Hard copy puts things “in stone”.


5 Paragraph’s intention is to increase team productivity by limiting the technology needed to get organized and commit action. 

Assemble your team. Put the 5 Paragraphs on the board. Ask for your team’s intelligence input.

Create a vision using 5 Paragraph Business Plan

Gather input from each member

Put the ACTIONABLE intelligence up on the board

Prioritize actions

Task leaders with creating a 5P vision for success in their area of the organization

Have team leaders back brief executives in 5P format prior to stepping off toward action

Limiting your planning to hard copy forces your team to condense the vision into doable actions. This is how we maintain transparency moving forward.

Admin / Logistics – Sustainability

Get started with the 5 Paragraph Business Plan  Read and fill in the text as you go.

Tutorial episodes match each section of the book to help you along the way.

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