Ep: 018 – Tracey Allen, Founder of 9 to 5 not Business Solutions

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Heroes Media Group Network
Ep: 018 - Tracey Allen, Founder of 9 to 5 not Business Solutions

Host BriGette McCoy speaks with Navy veteran and successful business owner Tracey Allen. Allen’s business, “9 to 5 not Business Solutions,” helps promote small businesses through video marketing, a skill she taught herself after her service. 

Allen joined the navy in 1984, with the dream of working in aviation, as she longed to travel and meet a diverse group of people. While serving in the Navy, Allen formed deep and meaningful relationships, including her now ex-husband and several current business clients. 

Allen is adamant that all of our experiences build us into the person we are now and will help us in the future, a belief she showed in a video of her hula hooping and smiling to uplifting music right before her second breast cancer surgery. She feels that everyone should get in touch with whatever brings them joy, including the power of exercise for fun, not work. 

Tracy Allen contact information: 

Website – www.9to5not.com (her hula hoop video is linked on this website) 

Business name- 9 to 5 not Business Solutions 

Allen also has generously offered to give a $100 hotel savings card to those that have listened to the podcast and reach out to her on her website(applicable to over 400,000 hotels worldwide) 

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