Ep: 038 – It All Started With A Creative Writing Project, Unsung Heroes

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Heroes Media Group Network
Ep: 038 - It All Started With A Creative Writing Project, Unsung Heroes

It  All Started With A Creative Writing Project: 20 Year Later We Are Still Collecting & Telling The Unheard Stories and Writing & Archiving The Unwritten History of Unsung. Heroes

On this Podcast, BriGette McCoy talks with Lisa Daniels about her creative writing project, aka her “labor of love”, Unsung Heroes. Lisa created Unsung Heroes over 20 years ago. Her project’s inspiration, her grandmother, a women of color who supported the war mission, continues to motivate her to keep gathering stories and authoring the history of the many who are left out of the books, such as: men of color who served, women of color who supported the war mission, and women of color who served. Listen in as BriGette and Lisa discuss their commitment to get out the long-suppressed narratives of women who served, in particular women of color. Find out about their upcoming collaborative project, a virtual exhibit, HerStory. The project is designed to bring forward the histories that have been unheard for so long, identify and safeguard present histories from being omitted, and construct a system that will preserve  future histories so that they will not be overlooked or left out.  The importance of getting the stories documented is that it broadens the story being told and adds the accomplishments, contributions, and significant firsts of those left off those lists. 

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