EP: 034 – Using Service Dogs To Help Veterans Help Each Other

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
EP: 034 - Using Service Dogs To Help Veterans Help Each Other

Danique Masingill speaks about her 5 years of military service as a Master at Arms in the Navy, and how she continues serving veterans with a peer to peer approach through her nonprofit, Leashes of Valor. She shares about how being motivated to join the military was related to being “one of those people who joined because of 9/11”. Listen in as she describes her journey of becoming a “Super Trooper” in the Navy. She talks about the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them and excelled to make rank. Danique shares about how she carried her dream of wanting to become a K-9 cop to her civilian life. She shares the story of how a chance meeting with a fellow female veteran, who had a service dog, brought her down a new path to learn everything about service dogs, which then brought her to her life’s work in her non-profit.

Danique joined the military to serve at a time when the world needed patriots; she has expanded her understanding of what being a patriot means. Find out how she helps fellow veterans by using her experiences as a mentoring tool, and her service dogs as a “prosthetic for the brain” for invisible injuries.

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