Veterans Unite, Ep: 051 – Justin Cook – Scotty Hastings

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Heroes Media Group Network
Veterans Unite, Ep: 051 - Justin Cook – Scotty Hastings

For this episode we spoke with Justin Cook. Justin is a Navy Veteran that encourages mental and physical health with Advosooner. He is a peer support specialist with Wounded Warrior and is working towards his doctorate degree in clinical psychology. He wants to work either with veterans or with athletes and help them find the next step. He is also a brand ambassador for Scars and Strips Coffee.

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Todays song come to us by Scotty Hastingwho was an infantry man in the Army that got shot 10 times in Afganistan. When he got to Fort Riley after getting back he took up archery in the adaptive sports program. It was his therapy. He now shoots in the U.S. Paralympic program when he isn’t a realator or playing music. Today’s songs are “Looks Like Forever To Me” and “When You Think Of Me”.





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