Veterans Unite, Ep: 050 – Stay Metal Ray – Luna Muerta

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Veterans Unite, Ep: 050 - Stay Metal Ray – Luna Muerta

After touching on the great Pats vs Ginos philly debate, we talked Ray Charlesa.k.a. Stay Metal Ray. Ray is an Army Veteran. He enlisted as a 13B for about 2 yrs and officer as an 11A for another 2 yrs. After sustaining some military career ending injuries he eventually found his way to becoming a YouTuber. Now his YouTube page Stay Metal Rayis all about hard rock and metal guitar. He does covers, educational things like teaching how to play, music theory, instrument gear and how to make yourself sound good. He also teaches music theory in a relevant and obtainable using metal as a reference point at is also the founding member of the metal band Luna Muerta. You can also find him on Instagram @staymetalray

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Todays song are “Fragments” and “The Coldest Winter” by Luna Muerta.





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