Veterans Unite, Ep: 022 – GY6@6 with Marselis Nelson

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Veterans Unite, Ep: 022 - GY6@6 with Marselis Nelson

In this episode WE had the pleasure to talk with Marselis Nelson. Joined the Marines and got out after 4 years and within a year went back in with the Army and did another 4 years. Since getting out he has had to deal the things he saw and dealt with while he was in. As he dealt with those things his past as a child came up and he had to deal with that as well. After multiple attempts at suicide he gave God an ultimatum. After meeting a preacher at a cigar lounge…he had his answer from God. Want to know more…take a listen.


We had a returning musician…Dom Cours. He played a few songs for us that were excellent as always.




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