Ep: 003 – War Stories: A Battle Within

Broken & Blessed
Broken & Blessed
Ep: 003 - War Stories: A Battle Within

In this episode, we talk about War Stories.  Not the ones that take place in a faraway land but the war that battles on within. 

James: 2:42 – You know what we got a great, great show for everyone today it is called war stories. Now people are probably out there thinking here are two guys who have served in the US military who are going to talk about make believe stories in the sandbox and draw pictures with their foot and sand. But we’re not.

What do we mean by war stories?

James: 3:37 – And the war stories we’re going to speak about are the spiritual war that surrounds us, as Christians, any in here, check this out. I’m gonna get deep. Even if you’re not a Christian. Even if you’re not a believer in Jesus Christ. There’s a war raging around you and it is being fought by angels and demons and they are after you. I truly believe this and people call you call me crazy. You could call me delusional. But I believe our soul, our relationship with God is at the forefront the focal point of Satan. He doesn’t want it to progress. He doesn’t want it to exist. And they will wage war to throw everything at us to make a stumble to ensnare us to get a foothold on us. So, we don’t grow closer with God.

Adam: 8:48 – the biggest war story or the start of the war, within me, would be when I when I made a conscious decision, is taking my morals and my beliefs and I put them in the closet for a few years. And that was that was a that was a dark time.

Isaiah 26:8 – Yes, in the way of Your judgments,O Lord, we have waited for You;The desire of oursoul isfor Your nameAnd for the remembrance of You.

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