Ep: 216 – Warriors On The Water Limited

Ep: 216 – Warriors On The Water Limited
The Decision Hour

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How many people like to fish or just be in the great outdoors?  In this week’s episode I sit down and talk with my friends and the founders of Warriors on the Water Limited, Jim and Gina!  I met Jim and Gina last year the Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA and we hit it off.  You will hear a little bit about their backgrounds, Jim is a Marine and Gina’s grandfather a WWII veteran.  Their vision for Warriors on the Water Limited, to provide programs that will help in adding peace and stress free for bonding with family, friends & others.  To participate in outdoor therapeutic activities such as, fishing, boating, canoeing & kayaking. To HONOR our Warriors.  Great group of people and programs they have put together!  Check out their website for events coming up this year.   https://warriorsonthewaterltd.com

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