WGY6@6, Ep: 058 – NONSTOP WARRIORS for Heroes

WGY6@6, Ep: 058 - NONSTOP WARRIORS for Heroes

This week’s episode is an amazing recount of #heroes in action.  Mark and Andrea were able to go to southern Illinois to support Brian Gibson in his fundraising efforts to get FOB Rush fitted to be opening doors to struggling veterans.  Many new friends and family have joined the ranks of The People’s Patriot Project as they continue to spread awareness and expand the reach of the networking community that will work together to end veteran and first responders suicides. In an effort to make sure #communityheroes and their supporters would not go hungry over the weekend, Mark stepped up to run the smoker and create pork shoulder heaven! The very best compliment ever came from the amazing Chris Turner, “How’s a northern boy like you make bbq like this?!”

Guests Andrew Farrer and Jesús Fuentes were in the house -physically- to share the word from the National VFW convention in Kansas City. Mark and Andrea left FOB Rush to meet up with Mark’s family and the VFW peeps to prepare for the show, and network with #heroes at the convention. Andrew belongs to a lot of Vet Organizations, and a big passion right now is for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Andrew is a chaplain for a Tennessee post, and is the state leader. The whole officer corps is here from Tennessee, and he enjoys meeting new people from all over the US. I am here for everyone is his motto. There is a discussion about how VFW is understood by outsiders and the younger generation. They don’t want to go around changing it, they want to enhance it and add the younger generations.  Listen to Andrew give a shout out to the many organizations he belongs to and has been supported by. Jesús is the brains and Andrew is the speaker… they work well together.

Our #communityheroes are here every day to keep us safe, and The People’s Patriot Project is here to support that mission and keep our #heroes safe. Enjoy music from Chris Turner Music (If You Drink) and Elliot McKenzie (Fight Back) as we close out the show for this week.




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