WGY6@6, Ep: 066 – #ComeOutoftheStorm

WGY6@6, Ep: 066 - #ComeOutoftheStorm

In this week’s episode, Mark and Andrea focus on six of their past guest musicians.  This is a celebration as well as a preview of the upcoming weekend in Minnesota for these musicians that are also veterans. Mark and Andrea will discuss the interviews and aspects of the veterans when they were guests on the show previously, and then they will showcase some of their music. There will be new and old music, and some brand new releases will be shared. We will start showcasing the ones who make the difference. We make sure they show their mission. All of these artists will be present at the fundraiser for a local LEO on Friday the 22nd, and they will take part in, as well as perform at, the Ruck event on October 23rd.


The first musician to share is Doug Lane with his new song “22 Brothers”. This is a touching and heart-tugging song, and many will relate to the message.


Next up is Jenn Ford with The Wild Eyed Devils, playing the song “Hurricane”.  This is extra special because Jenn is the first female artist to cover this song.


Following this we featured Steven John with “Southern Attic”. Mark shared that “Steven’s songs sing to my heart, he is an all American Boy. I am not even from the south and I think of the past when I hear these songs.”


Right after is Dom Cours with his amazing “Roll On”.  On the live video it shows all the instruments, which Dom made!  You don’t want to miss these!!!


The People’s Patriot Project has some events coming up. Mark and Andrea just got back from Georgia where they supported Adam and Matt with Feeding the Heroes, and spent time with Bobby Henline and 9 other nonprofits that help veterans and first responders.  In October, they will host veteran and first responder musicians in the Twin Cities… they will play together on Friday night, the 22nd, at a fundraising event for a local LEO whose house recently burned down, and on Saturday, the 23rd, they will share their talents throughout the day with the Ruckers and Cornholers!


WE are all about making relationships and being the communication that others sometimes let slip by. It’s about those who served, and we are here now to serve them.

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