WGY6@6, Ep: 100 – #Brotherhood

WGY6@6, Ep: 100 - #Brotherhood

In this week’s episode, Mark and Andrea welcome Jeff Stave with his group, Neighbor of Honor; and Nick Rahn with Warriors Next Adventure. It is not surprising that his big goal is very similar to our end game goal, all of which is centered around running the best program ever that ends the suicides that plague our veterans and first responders. Jeff has come on board with The People’s Patriot Project, and he will be playing a role in the marketing and promotion of who we are and what we aim to accomplish. Ironically, these two have recently worked together on a fundraiser here in Minnesota, just like true #Brotherhood.


THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT will keep moving forward and putting their pants on one foot at a time. WE are here to be boots on the ground and available when the need is great or small. Please never hesitate to contact us when you find your load is too heavy to bear.  We have our great mission – Lighten the Load – that can be at your service. We are here to continue the #Brotherhood that is created when military and first responders serve together, which creates a bond that cannot be broken.


The People’s Patriot Project exists to be the shock and awe when combating the deadly and invisible enemy that is killing our heroes.  We are here to support and empower those who are still with us and to get those #ProblemSolved.  If you want to be involved in helping and paying it forward, please get in touch with us and we will find a place for you.  #communityheroes   #NeverForget   #PatriotPride


WE are all about making relationships and being the communication that others sometimes let slip by. It’s about those who served, and we are here now to serve them.









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