WGY6@6, Ep: 062 – The Ties that Bind

WGY6@6, Ep: 062 - The Ties that Bind

In this week’s episode, Mark and Andrea focus on the ties that bind, meaning the relationships that make the world of veteran and first responder support happen.


The Ties that Bind, Guests this week include Shawn Thomas, founder of 1st Responder Conferences.  Shawn brought her tribe with her, consisting of Jeff Thomas, Mike Washington, and Amanda Brumbaugh. The topics discussed revolved around the need to have support and acknowledgement of the emotional, psychological and physical needs of our #communityheroes.  It was agreed on that many of today’s first responders have a military background, which can compound the need for support.  The conversation quickly added the topic of the spouses of First Responders. Their role is critical in supporting and understanding, but how much of each tragic and traumatizing moment should be shared? 1st Responder Conferences will help with the wording and understanding of how to handle these conversations and keep the spouses as important supporters.


Our musician for the evening is Cody Howell from Nashvile.  Cody has a strong voice with which to share his messages to the world. Listen as he shares the background of his song “Saddle Up”. Check out his other music on YouTube under Cody Howell.  Big things are in his future!


The People’s Patriot Project has some events coming up. They will be helping with security duty in Hastings on September 11 with the Rivertown LIVE event. There is another event in Leon, Kansas that will be attached to WeP3, that is the “For the Fallen Music Festival” on September 11. Look up info under The Forgotten 22 on Facebook.  Mark and Andrea will then travel to Georgia to support Adam and Matt with Feeding the Heroes, and spending time with Bobby Henline. Then in October they will host veteran and first responder musicians in the Twin Cities… they will play together on Friday night, the 22nd, at a fundraising event for a local LEO whose house recently burned down and Saturday, the 23rd, they will share their talents throughout the day with the Ruckers and Cornholers!


WE are all about making relationships and being the communication that others sometimes let slip by. Its about those who served, and we are here now to serve them.  #communityheroes with 1st Responder Conferences Shawn Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Mike Washington and Amanda Brumbaugh.


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