Ep: 254 – What’s in Your cup? With Eric Balough

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 254 - What’s in Your cup? With Eric Balough

What Type of coffee do you drink?  Do you know where your coffee came from?  This week’s topic is What’s in your Cup?  I have my good friend Eric Balough, President/CEO of Rick’s Roasters.  Eric is still on Active duty about to retire and we discuss how he got into the coffee game.  He explains experimenting on his stove with a frying pan to now owning and running Rick’s Roasters.   Take a listen and get some education on the different types of coffee beans, what you should know when buying coffee, what the difference is between commercial and specialty coffees, best ways to brew coffee and a whole lot more!

We wrap up the show with Eric sharing his Decision Hour about a time in Afghanistan and what it means to “having the right assets”

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