“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

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Heroes Media Group Network
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

Loren Michaels Harris and Cowboy Jax invite you into the house of diversity to sit down on the couch and listen to the pilot episode of Licensed For Love:

“The Heartbeat In Relationship Conversation.”

They discuss the early years of their journeys involving trauma and tragedy, leading up to their success in life and love today, along with so much more.

Loren talks about foster care living, the story of Larry, and learning what being gay is like and what it has to offer, the good, bad, and the ugly.

Jax discusses life going from the ghetto to rural America where he graduated high school, was assigned “most likely to be dead or in prison before 25” and illustrates the 10 seconds after becoming a suicide survivor.

The influential thing about The Diversity Duo is all about attitude; after seeing so much of the darker side of life you would figure this episode to be all seriousness and solemn reflection. However, these two will have you crying and laughing your asses off because of the sense of humor and banter they bring to the airwaves. Nothing is too unrelatable, bold, or outrageous for these two to unpack.

This episode is special because it marks the debut of what will be the go-to, cultural diversity podcast, starting in 2022. Loren and Jax truly are brothers from another mother.

Lastly, they will discuss what is in store for the first season of Licensed for Love. Celebrity guests and everyday people from all cultures and sexual orientations. Focusing on the dynamics of romantic and platonic relationships between couples and singles and diving into the cultural relationships of the Community Neighbor (non-U.S. Veteran), U.S. Veteran, and Military Service Member.

Join the Diversity Duo for all the feels and then ask yourself, “Do I judge a book by its cover…?” Every Wednesday there will be a new episode, starting June 2022.

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